The world textile industry looks at China, and the exhibition must choose the blue sky

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Exhibition service process

1. Send invitation letter (exhibition materials)

2. Book and select booth

3. Pay the booth deposit

4. Pay the balance of booth fee

5. Exhibitor registration and exhibition

6. Generally, two to three days before the exhibition, the exhibitors should report to the exhibition site and arrange their booths until the exhibition is launched and withdrawn.

6. More love - VIP members experience many value-added services

Why choose us

1. More professional -- customize the business trip to make you more attentive

Investment in trade negotiation

2. More considerate -- arrange hotels near the airport for enterprises in the morning and evening

3. More convenient -- realize the shuttle service in some regions of Zhejiang Province

4. More considerate -- colorful gifts help you come back with full load

5. More meticulous - dry cleaning clothes; Overweight and bulky baggage arrangement

6. More love - VIP members experience many value-added services